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Our Mission

Local First is a not-for-profit organization comprising 200 locally owned, independent businesses and organizations in La Plata County. We support locally owned, independent businesses through marketing programs, events, and promotion—driving customers to “Think Local First”!

The mission of Local First is to provide locally owned, independent businesses and organizations with opportunities to thrive as we work together to build an economy that values people, the planet, and prosperity for everyone.

Local First exists because independent businesses and passionate individuals thrive in La Plata County. Independent businesses keep our economy strong and local, in part by adding to our community’s unique history and geography. Local First supports independent ideas and fresh thinking to create a sustainable, vibrant, and unique community.

Our Vision

Local First envisions a thriving, self-reliant, and resilient community investing in locally owned, independent businesses and organizations that join together to enhance the quality of life for La Plata County residents and visitors. In addition, we envision Local First becoming the representing voice for locally owned independent businesses in a larger community discussion about our local economy.

Achieving Our Mission

Local First works to achieve this mission by providing member businesses and organizations with:

  • opportunities to advertise their local business or organization in unique and distinguishing ways through our annual programs
  • our distinguishing logo that guides customers and like-minded localists in their doors
  • access to submit monthly deals reaching our email listserv and website
  • an opportunity to create their own coupon for our annual Be Local Coupon Book
  • networking opportunities to collaborate with other locally owned independent businesses in La Plata County


The Local Breakdown

  • For every $100 spent in a locally owned independent business, $73 returns to the community through avenues such as taxes, payroll, and other expenditures.
  • Spend $100 with a national chain and only $43 of your purchase stays in our local community.
  • When you buy online, $0 stay in our local community.

Local Business Money Flowchart


By making your purchases at a locally owned independent business, you and our community benefit. More services provided by our local government can help lighten your personal load and improve your quality of life. For this reason, Local First fights to support and strengthen the mom-and-pop culture of La Plata County.

If you think about all of the great locally owned, independent businesses in our community, you think about your neighbor or your friend. When you purchase goods and services from an independent business, you are communicating with someone who knows your needs, can relate to your experiences, and can give you the best and most honest advice.