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Photo taken by Scott DW Smith

Monique DiGiorgio, Managing Director

Monique moved to Durango in the late 90’s and immediately called it “home” because she was drawn to our small mountain town and its mix of desert and mountain ecosystems. Monique began her career as a field ornithologist and then moved into the non-profit world and found she had a proclivity for building small organizations from the ground up. Bringing individuals of differing perspectives together to find common ground has been at the heart of many of the conservation projects she has catalyzed across the West. Monique was instrumental in founding the Chama Peak Land Alliance, a non-profit organization of private land stewards in Durango’s backyard conserving open space, clean water, and abundant wildlife. She now serves on the Board.

Monique holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Notre Dame and brings a science-based perspective to much of her work. She is elated to be the Managing Director of Local First and is dedicated to working with our community to build a strong economy that supports the planet and its people. She shares her love of the earth with her daughter, Sora, who was born in Durango and also calls it home. Monique loves to raft, ski, bike, do yoga, play bass, and spend time in the outdoors.

Photo taken by Scott DW Smith

Kate Hallock, Community Coordinator

Kate is a Colorado native and graduate of Fort Lewis College with a BA in Business Management with minors in Environmental Policy and Economics. Since arriving in Durango over 11 years ago, Kate has valued the depth and diversity of Durango and believes it’s essential to support what makes us locally resilient and to foster continued innovation in the place of business. Kate’s passion and values around sustainable business have led her to work within local independent businesses for many years learning and growing, including the Spaaah Shop & Day Spa, Open Sky Wilderness Therapy, and a local motel called the Wapiti Lodge. This time has given her a deeper commitment to supporting locally owned independent business and entrepreneurship and the people that invest their time and energy using business as a tool for good in our community.

Kate sees the current economic climate at a turning point, actively being redirected towards localism, and she loves that Local First’s work is at the forefront of this movement! Kate loves getting to be with friends and family, spending time out in the woods, hiking, and playing a mad game of volleyball any chance she gets!

Kyrie “Kiki” Hooton, VISTA Volunteer

Kiki grew up in North Carolina and received her undergraduate degree at NC State University in Environmental Technology and Management and a minor in Toxicology. During this time she started a student organization to help small businesses make changes to be more sustainable and worked for a solar company on their sustainability plan. After realizing her passion to work with people and small businesses, she moved to Arizona to pursue her masters in Sustainability Solutions with a focus on business and communication.

While completing her masters she worked for a sustainability consulting group and for the City of Tempe, while also volunteering with LocalFirstAZ. She is very excited to use her experiences in private business, consulting, government, and nonprofits to work with LocalFirst here in Durango! In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her golden retriever Dusty, snowboarding, and swimming.

Hayley Kirkman, Creative Arts & Special Projects Coordinator

Hayley Kirkman is a semi-nomadic designer and fine artist currently living in Durango, Colorado. She recently completed her B.A. in Graphic Design at Fort Lewis College.

She is passionate about almost all forms of art but is specifically fond of print design, painting, photography, and collage. When she is not making art, she enjoys tango dancing, hiking, cooking, yoga, upbeat 80’s music, and traveling.

Ian Chamberlain, Hub Coordinator

Ian Chamberlain grew up in Durango, Colorado and attended Western State University in Gunnison. After college, Ian worked on several farms and ranch operations of varying sizes from a small 5 acre certified organic farm in Washington State to a 3,500 acre Scottish Highlander cattle ranch in the mountains of New Mexico. From 2005 to 2014, Ian worked at Sunnyside Farms helping manage both the farm and USDA inspected processing facility.

From 2014 to 2018 he worked with several regional grass-fed beef companies to expand production and increase community access to healthy proteins. He currently lives in Durango with his wife and two children and enjoys skiing and playing in the mountains with his family and is excited to bring his passion for local agriculture back to the Southwest.


Photo taken by Scott DW Smith

Tim Wheeler, Chair

With 18 years experience in engineering and management positions in the high-technology industry, a former Director of Marketing with Apple Computer in Hong Kong, in 1994 Tim moved to Durango with his family. A serial entrepreneur Tim has owned a consulting firm, the Durango Coffee Company retail store, and the Durango Compost Company. Over his career, Tim developed a passion for shaping the positive parts of our capitalist economy towards an environmentally and economically sustainable future.

Tim brings this perspective into his involvement in many Durango area activities. He is a Leadership La Plata Graduate (1996-97), served on the Board of Durango Natural Foods, the Durango Business Improvement District, Sunrise Credit Union, and the Durango Farmers Market. He is a founding Board member of the Southwest Colorado Renewable Energy Society, 4CORE, Local First, and participates in other economic development activities in La Plata County. He has an Advanced Management Certificate from the Wharton School of Business at U-Penn and an Electronics Diploma from DeVry Institute of Technology. Tim lives here with his wife of 34 years, Ann.

Photo taken by Scott DW Smith

Ted Wright, Vice-Chair

Ted moved from Phoenix to Durango in 1981 and has been a local attorney here ever since.  With a focus on business and real estate during his practice, the perspective of the law has given Ted a unique look at our La Plata County economy and people.  He was excited to join the Board in the summer of 2016 and was attracted by the truth of localism and the mission of Local First.

Ted believes in unity without uniformity and diversity without division — seemingly contradictory things that form a dynamic and healthy tension essential for a thriving community.  We are part of the rich mosaic of this planet, but we are nurtured right here where we plant our feet.  Localism calls you to think like a mountain and act like a neighbor.  See you in the mountains, neighbor!

Photo taken by Scott DW Smith

John Lopez, Treasurer

John is an owner and Tax Manager at FredrickZink & Associates. He handles tax preparation, audits, accounting, and consultation for the firm. John brings over twenty years of experience in public accounting, auditing nonprofit organizations and common interest realty associations, along with the preparation of business, nonprofit, and individual tax returns. John grew up and attended school in Texas. He entered the field of public accounting in the mid-90’s when he relocated to Southwest Florida, prior to his move to Durango in 2012.

John and his partner enjoy hiking, skiing, and biking with their three dogs. As a board member of Local First, John supports the growth and development of local Durango businesses. “It all adds up to people partnering with people to achieve results.”

Photo taken by Scott DW Smith

Amber Davis, Secretary

Amber was born in Colorado Springs and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. At 19, she left Colorado to explore America with her husband Mark. After road tripping for months and stints of living in California & Arizona, they made their way back to Durango. Their 2 beautiful children Isabella and Gabriel were both born at the old Mercy Hospital. They bought a house in Hermosa in 2013 and can’t imagine calling any other place home.

Amber worked in Natural Healthcare for 12+ years running a holistic family practice, an Acupuncture practice where European Biological Medicine was utilized, and an alternative addiction therapy clinic. Amber is a trained practitioner in Core Shamanism, is a full Mesa Carrier in the Quero tradition of the Inka people, and has played West African percussion for over 5 years. She is the founder of Luminous Sojourns (Spiritual Healing), New Hat Baking (GF baking products) and To the Penny (bookkeeping services), and is the Operations & Membership Coordinator at the La Plata County Economic Development Alliance. Amber believes the success of local, independent business is the solution to today’s economic struggles in America. She joined the Local First Board in May 2016 to begin fostering the development of her vision here in Durango. She enjoys gardening, singing, dancing, drumming, Tequila and always welcomes a good jam session or dart night with her friends.

Joy Martin

Joy loves sharing the stories of all things local to Southwest Colorado and mountain towns in general. With a degree from the University of Montana in Rural and Environmental Change, she’s gravitated toward high-altitude hamlets around the globe and is happy to have landed in Durango. As a freelance writer, she spends her time collecting tales of independent businesses and the innovative characters that make up our fine community of desert and mountain enthusiasts.

When she’s not posing in awkward yoga photos, Joy’s probably out exploring the San Juans by bike or skis with the man of her dreams, Nick Martin. Never short on inspiration or curiosity, Joy’s greatest stress is that she can’t do all the things all the time.

Photo taken by Scott DW Smith

Peter Schertz

Peter has lived in Durango since 1989 with his wife, Andrea Avantaggio. Together they have owned and operated Maria’s Bookshop for nearly 20 of the independent bookshop’s 33 years.  They’ve both put down deep roots in the community and are raising a family here; their son is off to college and their daughter attends DHS.  Peter has a variety of interests including gardening, backpacking, cycling (including unicycles and penny farthings), tree planting, skiing, good beer, napping, boating and all types of outdoor exploration.

Locally owned independent bookstores are often cornerstone members of Independent Business organizations and Peter has exhibited his passion for Local First, both as a business owner and a community member.  Maria’s Bookshop is a founding business member of the Local First organization.  Peter contributed one term on the Local First Board at the outset of the organization and has enthusiastically signed back on for another Board term.

Photo taken by Jeff Loewe/WME

Scott DW Smith

A native of Denver, Scott DW Smith at the age of 18, moved to Durango. This is where his creativity and independence began to thrive as he formally started to study fine arts and photography at Fort Lewis College. In the winter of 1993, he received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from FLC. Immediately after college graduation, he opened Imagesmith Photo Studio in downtown Durango, which after more than 23 years, the studio remains open in the same location just off Main Avenue in the 800 block of E. 2nd Ave.

Without question, Scott’s passion for the local San Juan Mountains and surrounding environments speaks volumes about his adventurous vision. Increasingly inspired by the creative spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, he has become very focused on creating imagery to express the devotion and voice of the Localist movement. Scott’s award-winning photographs have been widely published in local, national and international publications, including a Pulitzer Prize contribution to the New York Times in 2013.

Photo taken by Scott DW Smith

Cathy Wakeman

Cathy moved to Durango in 1990 with her husband Doug and immediately fell in love with the landscape of the Southwest and the small town community feel of Durango. Upon settling here, she began working at KSUT public radio where she resided for five years before starting as manager at Animas Trading Company. She quickly found a passion for her career while traveling abroad to Southeast Asia purchasing clothing, goods, and home decor for the store.

In 2007, she had the opportunity to buy the store and continue her love for adventure around the world while sharing it with her community. Cathy loves living in our little corner of paradise and enjoys skiing, music festivals, desert and mountain hiking, and camping. She has been a prominent member of our community and a founding member of Local First.