An interview between Kiki Hooton, our Americorps VISTA and Duane and Linda Burton, owners of Point to Point Graphics.

Q:Thank you again for becoming a member of Local First! Could you tell us why you think it’s important to support local, independent businesses?

Duane: I think it’s very important for the community, we try to buy everything local. We very rarely go to Farmington and we don’t use the big box stores even though the price may be cheaper. We are celebrating our 15 year anniversary and the entire time we’ve stuck to local, because we’re local. We are a family run business and the local people have been good to us so we treat them the same.

Linda: It keeps the money in the area instead of going elsewhere and supports the families that work here and want to live here, so that is very important to us.


Q:That’s great. Can you tell us quickly about the services that you offer?

Linda: We do printing and copying of large and small format, a lot of architectural printing, custom apparel, embroidery and final heat press, and we sell office supplies. We are the only local office supplies store in Durango. We keep our equipment up to date to give a competitive product at a competitive price. We’ve tried to focus hard on a quality product on a quick timeline and I think we’ve met that. We don’t have to do any advertising because our clients always come back!

Q:A lot of people don’t always realize how impactful small businesses are in the community. Can you tell us a little about how you make Durango a better place?

Duane: We donate all of the printing for veterans and christian organizations. Like we said we are a family run business.Our oldest son and his wife, as well as our grandkids work here in the summer. Our oldest grandson Daniel started when he was 10 and now goes to Fort Lewis. We send him jobs and help support him while he is in school.

Linda: We are really supportive of our staff in general and have provided steady work over the years. We have one employee we are helping go through the graphics department at Fort Lewis, she has a key and can come in and do work on her own schedule. We also use a Local Book Keeper who went to Durango High School and Fort Lewis. She now has two little ones and so we let her work remotely after hours so that she doesn’t have to leave them unsupervised.

Q:That’s awesome that you are so supportive of your staff! Last question, when you’re not at work what is one of your favorite local places in town?

Duane: Our favorite place is probably the Kennebec Cafe, I’ve known Barbara for years and years. We probably have dinner or breakfast up there once a week. We also love CJ’s because they deliver and their food is delicious!

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