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Local First ProgramsPreserving and utilizing La Plata County’s independent and locally-owned businesses, farms, and existing resources are the facets which make up Local First programs. In effect, this means providing for today’s needs, incorporating the values we care about as a community, and preserving for future generations. For La Plata County and Local First, this means combining economic vitality and growth, integrity, environmental stewardship and collaboration.

These values are at the core of our Local First programs. Our efforts culminate in five big campaigns that happen throughout the year. Our programs are made to spotlight and promote our member businesses and organizations through different types of celebrations. We hope that through our programs the true value and importance of independent and locally-owned businesses is realized.

First and foremost, our advocacy efforts are continually at work, to level the playing field by being a voice for La Plata County’s locally-owned and independent businesses.

Local First’s programs celebrate:

• Merchants, service providers and restaurants with our Be Local Coupon Book;

• Local agricultural producers, restaurants and chefs through the Eat Local Celebration;

• Downtown merchants in early local holiday shopping with Noel Night;

• Member businesses, non-profits and Local First’s advocacy efforts with the soon coming Loyalty Program featuring the Localist Card

• and Independent and locally owned businesses in Durango are applauded and recognized during Independents Week in the beginning of July.

We have some other new projects in the works engaging in each of our local living economy building blocks, including local energy, community capital, creative arts and retail regarding our local response to Amazon. Connect with us to find your place and make an impact. Get involved, stay tuned, and support local!