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Event Sponsorships

Become a sponsor of one of the many successful events hosted by Local First! 

Annual Member Meeting
Once a year we get our members together to share about the state of the community, share stories from guest speakers, and give out a copy of our annual report. Sponsorships come in the form of breakfast/coffee donation or cash donation for an opportunity to have to talk in front of over 240 businesses. 

Harvest Dinner
The Harvest Dinner is an exclusive four-course dinner and beverage pairing event that seeks to celebrate our local food production. The event has been attended by several city council members, our state representative, farmers, business owners, and other outstanding community members. Become a sponsor to show your support for local food!

Be Local Book Launch Party
Every year we celebrate the launch of our Be Local Coupon Book with a party, which we have now opened to the public! Bring your family and friends to get the first look at the book, eat great food, listen to music, and party…the local way! Become a sponsor to show your support for the Book and have a chance to interact with the best customers in town.

Noel Night
Also known as Durango’s Christmas Party, this is the biggest shopping day of the year. Shoppers come from all over to experience the amazing live music, fun events, and great deals at Durango’s businesses. Sponsor Noel Night to help cover promotion costs and keep the success going!

Local Lowdown! Events
Our locals love having fun, meeting new people, and being connected to the local business community. While your business may not be able to host an event directly, you could sponsor one to connect with locals who care about services and goods offered here in La Plata County.

Initiative Sponsorships

Passionate about a particular movement? Sponsor a specific initiative to help us build capacity, fund research projects, and drive change in the community. 

Shop Local
Local First was founded on a Shop Local Initiative to help people understand the importance of shopping locally. While this originally started out by focusing on retail shopping, our initiative has grown to help support business to business purchasing as well. Under the shop local campaign, we have conducted economic leakage studies, promoted shop local policy from city/county government, and created multiple events and material to promote shopping locally. Support the Shop Local Initiative by becoming a sponsor today!

Eat Local
Our Eat Local initiative was created to support local food producers in and around La Plata County (it also includes Montezuma, Dolores, San Juan, and Archuleta counties). The Eat Local Initiative is a month-long educational campaign that educates residents on the benefits of shopping with local food producers,  farmers markets, local grocers, and our local restaurants. The month is kicked off with our annual Harvest Dinner, followed by a calendar of events all of September. Support the Eat Local Initiative by becoming a sponsor today! 

Act Local
Our Act Local Initiative supports policy that promotes local, independent businesses within the County. This initiative aims to educate our businesses and the general public on why public policy affects local, independent businesses and why we should level the playing field between our businesses and big corporate chains. Support our Act Local initiative to create educational content, pay for our time at city council meetings, and cover the costs of organizing meetings. Become a sponsor today! 

Bank Local
When times get tough, banking locally can make all the difference. Large corporate banks do little to provide loans to local businesses and homeowners right here in La Plata County. Support the Bank Local Initiative to help us spread awareness on banking locally and convince more people to invest here. 

Speaker Sponsorships

Do you want to host a specific speaker for one of our member meetups or other events? Look at the list of current opportunities below or contact us if you have ideas!

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