2021 Durango City Council Candidate Race

Local First’s City Council Candidate Forum

View the facilitated panel discussion hosted by Local First on Monday, March 8, 2021
focusing on the issues directly impacting the vitality of our independent business community and local economy.

Q1: If elected to city council, how will you prioritize the rehabilitation of our locally-owned business while continuing to prioritize public health as we begin to enter, what we hope will be, the final months of the pandemic?

Q2: Given that our community’s workforce is often relegated to scarcely accessible rentals, with few opportunities for upward mobility across income levels, what actions can be made by city council to provide opportunity for affordable home ownership in Durango?

Q3: How would you support these previously-adopted City goals to ensure forward momentum? (1) An 80% reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from 2016 levels by 2050, and (2) 100% use of Renewable Electricity by 2050.

Q4: How will you prioritize local sourcing for city operations, project contracts, and the climate change initiatives we have adopted as a community?

Q5: How will you, as a member of the city council, prioritize the Local Movement to ensure all community members have an opportunity to obtain sustainable local jobs, access entrepreneurial resources, and spend their dollars locally?

Q6: Do you have any closing remarks you’d like to share with the audience?

Remaining Forum Questions

Lodgers Tax: Do you support the Lodgers Tax increase and Council-adopted allocations on this April’s ballot, with 55% allocation to sustainable tourism marketing; 20% to transportation and transit services; 14% to arts and culture programs; and 11% to any of the previous uses or other tourism impacts?

Potential City Purchase and Relocation to the Worldpay Building: Are you in favor of the City purchasing the Worldpay Building and do you support the potential relocation of City and County offices (including the County Courthouse) from their current downtown locations?