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La Plata CARES Business Relief Fund – Final Report

La Plata Cares Relief Funding Final Report | January 14, 2020 The Local First team spent the last days of 2020 putting the final checks in the mail for La Plata Cares grant recipients. In the end, Local First, in partnership with La Plata County and Aid to All, distributed $1,067,831.61 in federal relief dollars to help 152 La Plata businesses navigate the impact of the pandemic. Businesses were located throughout the County including the towns of Bayfield, Ignacio, Durango, Hesperus, Marvel, and unincorporated communities in La Plata County. $1,067,831.61 in federal relief dollars to help 152 La Plata [...]

January 14th, 2021|

Independents Week-The Greenery

Faith Frazier The Greenery  Tell us a little bit about the Greenery and why you’re a local independent business in Durango We opened in April 2015 and were the first recreational only dispensary in Durango. We started because of the owner Joel and his business partner Brain, both Fort Lewis Grads, were living in Durango for a long time and wanted to sustain themselves. Brian worked in the I.T. industry, Joel worked at Chinook and Mercury, and they wanted to do something that would give them independence and give them a living wage to keep their families living [...]

July 12th, 2018|

Independents Week: Whole Health

Independents Week: Whole Health Family Medicine Tell us about when Whole Health Family Medicine started and why you have remained an independent business. We opened Whole Health Family Medicine Clinic in April of 2016.  We are committed to remaining an independent business because this allows us to remove the distractions and unnecessary expenses related to involving third party interests and simply focus on what is best for our patients.  Remaining independent also gives us the opportunity to make adjustments and improvements based on our core values and the best interests of our patients and the local community. Why [...]

July 5th, 2018|

Independents Week: The Durango Herald

Independents Week: The Durango Herald/Ballantine Communications Jamie Opalenik with The Durango Herald  Tell us a little bit about the Herald and why it’s remained independent. The Durango Herald began in 1881. The dedication of the Ballentine Family to journalism in La Plata County is the reason we are able to maintain our independence. By being locally owned and operated, we’re able to cover all the areas in the community. Why do you think local and especially independent news is important? It brings the community together and it informs them of everything that’s happening in their [...]

July 5th, 2018|

Independents Week: Salt 360

L-R Owners of Salt 360 Cassidy Bruno, Rocco Bruno, and Patti Salomon at the Salt360 Float Studio on north Main Ave. Why did Salt 360 decide to be an independent business? Patti Salomon: I think it’s because we have more control over what we wanted to do. Ultimately we get to make our own decisions and we don’t have to follow anyone’s rules. We also really wanted to be a part of the community here and in Durango when you’re locally owned, you’re more supported by the local community. What do you think you are able to offer in products/services [...]

July 3rd, 2018|

Independents Week: Pine Needle

Pine Needle Mountaineering Co-Owner of Pine Needle Mountaineering, Jeremy Dakan Jeremy Dakan  Why have you remained an independent business? I think that staying independent and not having the corporate cookie cutter models, particularly downtown, is what gives towns like ours its flavor. But really the whole town is pretty special in that it’s independently owned, it’s not a bunch of strip malls that are all the same.  Living here, I appreciate that. I also think people come to Durango and appreciate it’s uniqueness that makes the town vibrant. I actually just had some [...]

July 3rd, 2018|