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The Creative Arts Initiative connects business members with the local creative arts community in order to build the Creative Artisan Economy. It supports business growth and the local economy, provides living wages to local artists, increases beautification efforts, and helps to grow a thriving arts district and artisan community in Durango. This initiative builds on the strong foundation of the City of Durango Creative Arts District and increases the multiplier effect by working with independent local businesses, keeping money in our community.

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“Local is the Way” mural on the side of Durango Joes College location. Photo by Trevor Ogborn, Durango Joes.





1903, 2018

Local Artists Share Story: Durango Joes Mural

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Who: Local artists Hayley Kirkman, Sarah Sturm, Allie Wolfe, and Dakotah Andreatta.  What: Local is the Way! mural on the side of Durango Joe's When: This project started in August 2017  How: We had originally planned to work [...]

703, 2018

Arts and culture made more money in Colorado in 2015 than mining or the transportation industry, study shows

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Reprinted from the Denver Post See a show at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in 2015? Purchase a painting at a local art fair? How about buy a book from a Colorado author or [...]