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2019 Be Local Coupon Book

The Be Local Coupon Book is in its 11th year and is produced every November by Local First to help encourage locals, tourists, and everyone in between to shop with our local, independent businesses. Our staff is here to help you design content that will get new and returning customers in your door, sell your products and services, and help you tell your story.  

Last Chance to Be in the 2019 Book:

The book is now in production! Thank you to the nearly 200 business that have joined the 11th Be Local Coupon Book.

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Advertising in the Be Local Coupon Book is only available to Local First members, so renew your membership or join today!

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The best way to decide how you want to advertise in the book is to decide your target audience, the message you want to tell, and the product you want to sell. The Be Local Coupon Book has options for every type of business:

Story Pages

A story page is a great way to tell the community about your business straight from the horse’s mouth. Tell them why you do what you do, what you care about, and what makes you special compared to other businesses in your industry. You’ll get a full page to yourself including room for 2-3 pictures and personal help from staff in crafting your message. Story pages are in the front of the book and one of the first things that customers see! 

New! Q&A Style Story Pages to increase readability and engagement. 

Price: $330

Directory Ads

These are ads found in the back of the book alongside the directory and take up a third of the page. They are great for businesses that can’t offer a discount and don’t want to do a full story page, but still want to advertise in the book. People spend a lot of time in the directory hunting down a particular coupon, so you’ll get plenty of exposure. It’s the best of both worlds! 

Price: $140

Back of Coupon Photo Pages

If you want to have a team bonding experience with your staff, get facial recognition around town, and have some of the best advertising space La Plata has to offer then the back of the coupon photo pages are for you! Our professional photographer will work with your team to match the theme of the book and create a fun photo. We limit the number of photo pages so that the photos can repeat 5-6 times throughout the book, and you’ll get a digital copy of the photo to use for marketing after the book has been released. 

Price: $400


The bread and butter of the book, coupons are a great way to gain new customers, get returning customers, or to show off new products/services you have to offer. Opposed to offering discounts? You can still use “coupons” to drive clients through your door by encouraging the behavior you want to see such as payment in advance/in-full, attending multiple sessions with you, or making purchases in larger amounts. LF staff is happy to help you brainstorm on how this might work for your business!

Price: $120 per coupon

Center Content

Sponsor educational content on sales tax, health care and well being, local food, and the creative arts. Your logo and a description of your work will be alongside this educational content and is a great way to demonstrate how your business or non-profit is a force for good!

Price: $350

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