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Spotlighting our local independent merchants,
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The Be Local Coupon Book is good all year long – November 2016 through November 2017. Pick yours up while they last!

 About the Be Local Coupon Book

For almost a decade now, The Be Local Coupon Book has proven to be “the go-to” that locals have come to love and adore in our community. Coming out each November and good all year long, this book serves as an introduction to La Plata County’s incredible locally owned and independent businesses that make this community’s vibrancy, culture and attraction what it is.

With unique coupon offers new and long time locals can’t get anywhere else, each book takes on a new theme and tells a story while educating and featuring all of our fabulous member businesses and organizations of La Plata County.

A coffee table favorite when you’re deciding what to do over the weekend, or where to go out to dinner that night… it’s the best “deal” in town. And because we work together, use just one coupon, in many cases PAYS for the book purchase!

It truly is… The Localist Manifesto – in print!

Upcoming 2018 EDITION


(Coming out in November 2017)

Businesses: Find out more and get in the 2018 Edition!


~~~~ Curious why to buy the book and Shop Local?  ~~~~

Here’s WHY buying local IS the best investment for a business and our community.

  • For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $73 goes back into the community. In contrast, for every $100 spent at a chain store, only $43 comes back.
  • Supporting our independent, locally owned businesses helps La Plata County maintain its unique character, historic identity, and tourism appeal.Be Local Coupon Book
  • Supporting independent, locally owned businesses makes La Plata Country more resilient against national trends that have proven to debilitate local economies.
  • A strong network of individuals and businesses that are committed to their community and to buying locally will benefit from more sales tax revenue that comes from local shopping, helping to support local services like our public library and firefighters.
  • People living in locally oriented, interconnected communities are more likely to engage in discussions on a personal level about what direction to take the community.


Thanks for looking LOCAL first!