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Whether you’re an entrepreneur just getting started or you’ve been at this for years, one thing that all local, independent businesses have in common: the desire for a thriving economy in the place that we work, live, and play.

As a member of Local First, we help you leverage your localness to better tell your story, attract new customers, and create unique products and experiences. Together, we can build an economy that values the people, profit, and prosperity for everyone

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 We attend the meetings you don’t have time for. We will speak on your behalf on the issues you care about and advocate for policy that best represents the local, independent business community. 

Advertising and Media Specials

As a member of Local First, you qualify for members-only specials on advertising and media from other businesses, making media and advertising affordable no matter what size your business is.

Get Answers

Use our members-only forums to connect with other business owners. Interested in collaborating on a project, getting funding for specific equipment, or need an answer to a question? Use the forum!

Members only Networking

Connect with other leaders in the community and build your business at our members only events. We bring you the facts on consumer trends so that you can be successful and stay informed. 

Digital Logos and Banners

We have a variety of logos, both digital and in print that you can use on your website, storefront, as stickers, and more. Make it clear to your customers that you are a local, independent business!

Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you looking to give back, show your dedication to the community, or interact with new customers? Check out our opportunities page for a list of event, speaker, and program sponsorships!

Be Local Coupon Book 

Premier advertising in our Be Local Coupon Book, exclusive to our members. Over 4,800 books sold each year, and proven by 10 years of success, this book is loved by locals and tourists alike.

Connect with Customers

We organize a variety of programs and initiatives that educate consumers on the impact of their spending. Look at all of our programs and initiatives to see how we are working for you and plug in!

Sell Be Local Coupon Books

Make the most of the Be Local Coupon Book! Exclusive to members, purchase books wholesale to sell in your store, or to give as gifts to your clients or your staff.

Better your Business

Source Local

Looking to source more locally? Check out our Local How to (FAQ) for answers to common questions or contact us for personalized help!

Best for Colorado Challenge

Take the Best for Colorado Challenge to see how your business impacts Colorado workers, communities, and the environment.

Become a Sustaining Member

Looking for more? Upgrade your membership to a sustaining member today for content tailored to your business.

  • Chance to speak/ co-host member meetups

  • Quarterly blog posts with content catered to your business

  • Member story on our page

  • Added to our sustaining member banner on the Local First page

  • Additional opportunities available based on the needs and wants of your business