Independent Business: Basin Printing and Imaging

Owner of Basin Imagine and Printing, Diana Hammond


Tell us a little bit about Basin Printing and Imaging.

It was started in 1957 but our family bought it in October 1990. My husband’s parents, ourselves, and a third couple that later on left and so it became the parents, the two sons, and myself.

What is something you can offer that maybe chains can’t?

Basin offers great service and we are the only print shop in town that actually houses all our equipment. All of our printing presses, our bindery equipment are in-house and we don’t have to send a lot out of town. Basically, everything we manufacture for printing is right here.

What’s it like having a family run business?

It’s helped to create an atmosphere where everyone becomes family. We’ve had different employees throughout the years and everyone who has been our employee actually becomes like part of the family.

What kinds of services does Basin offer?

We offer a lot of services for printing and the main things that come off the presses are brochures, posters, catalogs, magazines, business cards, and envelopes. Now we have our copy center which is really kind of like our digital press center. Copying is now referred to as digital presses because they produce higher quality copies and printing, so we offer a full digital press copy center, full bindery, full mailings, we offer graphic design and we offer banners and large format printing.

For businesses here that might decide they want to go with a chain, what would you want them to know?

Promoting local and independent business is so important because the employees and owners are the people that are making a living here in Durango and spending money. They’re the ones who are going to be buying Durango and so if we’re not able to get the business what we need, then they’re not able to give other locals the business they need.

How does Basin give back to the community?

We actually have a long list of people we donate to. We give a discount to a lot of the non-profits and we like to discount or donate printing to local events. We love giving to places that are good for Durango and good for the people. Of course, we like to help out those people that print with us too; The college, the train, there are a lot of things and events that go on in Durango and those people are donating to others too so it’s kind of like a team effort.

What are you doing for 4th of July?

My kids and grandkids are planning on coming to town so we’re going to go downtown and do whatever is going on downtown that day.

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