Standing Up For Indie Business

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Standing up for Thriving Indie Business By Emily Bell, Local First Managing Director (Published July 8th, 2022 in The Durango Herald). It is Independent’s Week! For most, that means celebrating the founding of the United States, but here at Local First, it also means celebrating our local, independently-owned businesses. We’ve said it before and [...]

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Independents Week-The Greenery

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Faith Frazier The Greenery  Tell us a little bit about the Greenery and why you’re a local independent business in Durango We opened in April 2015 and were the first recreational only dispensary in Durango. We started because of the owner Joel and his business partner Brain, both Fort Lewis Grads, were living [...]

Independents Week: Whole Health

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Independents Week: Whole Health Family Medicine Tell us about when Whole Health Family Medicine started and why you have remained an independent business. We opened Whole Health Family Medicine Clinic in April of 2016.  We are committed to remaining an independent business because this allows us to remove the distractions and unnecessary expenses [...]

Independents Week: The Durango Herald

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Independents Week: The Durango Herald/Ballantine Communications Jamie Opalenik with The Durango Herald  Tell us a little bit about the Herald and why it’s remained independent. The Durango Herald began in 1881. The dedication of the Ballentine Family to journalism in La Plata County is the reason we are able to [...]

Independents Week: Salt 360

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L-R Owners of Salt 360 Cassidy Bruno, Rocco Bruno, and Patti Salomon at the Salt360 Float Studio on north Main Ave. Why did Salt 360 decide to be an independent business? Patti Salomon: I think it’s because we have more control over what we wanted to do. Ultimately we get to make our own decisions [...]

Independents Week: Pine Needle

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Pine Needle Mountaineering Co-Owner of Pine Needle Mountaineering, Jeremy Dakan Jeremy Dakan  Why have you remained an independent business? I think that staying independent and not having the corporate cookie cutter models, particularly downtown, is what gives towns like ours its flavor. But really the whole town is [...]

Independents Week: Spaaah Shop

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Spaaah Shop Antoinette Whidden  Tell us a little bit about you, a relatively new owner of the Spaaah Shop, and a bit about the shop.   The spa has been around since approximately 2005. My mother-in-law purchased the business back in 2010 so I’ve been around it quite a bit. [...]

Independents Week: StoneAge Tools

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StoneAge Tools Kerry Siggins Tell us a little bit about Stone Age and why you have remained an independent business. StoneAge will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year. Our two founders started the company in Durango because of their love for the community; one is a 4th generation Durango resident, [...]

Independents Week: 4Corners Riversports

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Independents Week: 4Corners Riversports General Manager of 4Coners Riversports, Ashleigh Diaz Ashleigh Diaz Tell us a little bit about 4Corners Riversports and why you're independent? 4Corners Riversports was started by Milt Wiley and his daughter Nancy in 1983. They had a passion for boating in the southwest and [...]

Independents Week: Wagon Wheel Liquors

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Wagon Wheel Liquors Owners of Wagon Wheel Liquors Bonnie and Mike Bonnie and Mike What’s your story and why have you chosen to be an independent business? (Bonnie)I think we’ve always been local people. We owned convenience stores when we lived in Florida and we felt like we were part [...]

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