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Local First News2022-04-27T13:19:17-06:00

Local First News

Local First Foundation Announces $535,000 Support for Westside Mobile Home Park

Local First Foundation announces $535,000 support for Westside Mobile Home Park Residents and community groups have raised thousands to support a second offer for the Durango property. Originally published in Durango Herald, March 24th, 2022. Written by By Aedan Hannon Residents of Westside Mobile Home Park have rallied [...]

Local First to Host “Harnessing Opportunity in Durango” Webcast

Local First to Host “Harnessing Opportunity in Durango” WebcastWell-known urban planner, Joe Minicozzi, returns to Durango for a presentation contextualizing the opportunities available in historic redevelopment projects, including the former 9-R Administration Building. Local First is pleased to announce Joe Minicozzi, an AICP Urban Planner and founder of Urban3, [...]

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